Frequently asked questions from my customers:


How do you know when new burns will be done?

When I know exactly this, it will be readable on my website.


Will there be other statues, what are the plans?

There are also sculptures, murals and larger ornaments planned.


How often do new ones come?

It depends on a lot of things, but I try to renew the collection every year.


Is there a terracotta?

It is, and is also being prepared for some series production.


How long does it take to order an individual order?

It is a minimum of two months, but it is a matter of discussion, it may be less depending on the size of other materials.


If I want a color but are not in the collection, what is the procedure?

It should be signaled to me and if it is uncolored in stock, it can be resolved.


Are these unique products or copies?

Unique products.


Is it also available in galleries?

Yes, we have a connection with some galleries and you can buy from them.


Where to view?

Zalaegerszeg, some galleries in Hungary and. In Austria, respectively. at a pre-arranged meeting place.


Can it be put in the garden?

Not recommended, especially where it may be exposed to moisture because it is not frost resistant.


How to clean?

You will find it in the instructions for use.


Are small bumps, hairline cracks a fault?

No, there is a huge strain on the creations while they are done, this is a feature of raku.


Why does it look different in color than in the photo?

Although photos are taken with a professional camera, there may be a difference in hue between the photo and reality, and even under different lighting, natural light, and reflection, different color effects may occur. This is also a feature of raku.

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